Pastoral Care

We place a premium on pastoral care at Taieri College.  Students learn and achieve better results when a strong partnership is established between the home and the school.  It is part of our community school philosophy that every student is important and is as far as possible we try to meet their needs in an individualised way.  
All students are placed in a form class with a form teacher who takes responsibility for their day to day pastoral care.  Each year group has a Dean with specialist skills in listening and supporting students.  They have additional time that they can give to the students.  Deans are able to refer matters to other specialists within the school, these are Careers Advisor, Counsellors, Public Health Nurse, Specialist Teachers, Psychologists and other Community Agencies.
Heading the pastoral team are the Deputy Principals.  Karen Rosevear works with Year 7 to 10 students and Brenton Hackfath Year 11 to 13. 

Deputy Principal
Brenton Hackfath

Deputy Principal
Karen Rosevear

Acting Assistant Principal
Andrew Baines

Di Leonard -
Jean Andrews -

Henk van der Vis -
Year 7 Dean
Lauren Roney -

Year 8 Dean
Stephen Fry -

Year 9 Deans
Kirsty Tod -

Francis Lieshout -

Year 10 Deans
Stephanie Miller -

Grant Cameron -

Year 11 Deans

Year 12 Dean
Mel Christian -

Year 13 Dean
Nikki Mortimer -