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Sport Draw


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Thursday 27th July

Netball Edgar Centre

Taieri Comets vs Balmac Yellow Court 8, 4:30

Taieri Tactix vs Balmac Gold, Ct 10, 5:15

Taieri Steel vs Kavanagh 8 Gold, Ct 8, 5:15

Friday 28th July 
Basketball Boys
Thunder v Kings 2nd, Ct 7, 7:05pm
Mavericks v EOHS Stags, LPHS 6:15pm
Bulls v OBHS TBD, Taieri College, 7:15pm
Lakers v OBHS Drainers, Taieri College, 6:15pm
Junior A Boys v Kings 9, Ct 2, 4pm
Junior B v Kavanagh Jnr Boys Red, Ct 5, 6pm
Pistons v KVLY Jnr Blue, KVC, 4:15pm
Gold v Columba CC Ballers, Columba 7:15pm
Celtics v OGHS Snr Social Y12/1, Taieri College 5:15pm
Junior Warriors v STHI Jnr B, Ct 7, 4pm
Clippers v Queens Jnr A, Ct 6, 4pm
Magic v STHI Teners, Taieri College, 4:15pm 

Taieri College Green v Columba Navy, 5:20pm, Pav
Taieri College Blue v Strath Taieri, 6:10pm, Far
Taieri College Gold v Columba Doves, 7:50pm, Far

Saturday 29th July
Taieri College 1st XV v Kavanagh College Kettle Park 3 1.00pm
Taieri College v South Otago HS Peter Johnstone Park 4 11.15am
Taieri Int v Dunstan Peter Johnstone 4 1.00pm
Taieri U14 v OBHS U14 Gold Montecillo 1 11.15am

Saturday 29 July

Netball Edgar Centre

Senior A v SOHS Snr A  10.45am Ct 4 Standby Umpire 9.00am

Senior B v Harbour 2 9.00am Ct 6 Standby Umpire 10.00am

Premier Schools

10 A vs OGHS Snr B 1.00pm Ct 8

9A vs SHCS Snr 1 12.00 Ct 8

Senior C vs Kavanagh 9A 1.00pm  Ct 12 Umpiring 2.00pm Ct 17

Emeralds vs OGHS Emeralds 11.00am Ct 7

Sapphires vs OGHS Snr Social 2.00pm Ct 14

Diamonds vs Bayfield Snr C 1.00pm  Ct 15 Standby Umpiring 2.00pm

10 Rata vs LPHS Gold 12.00pm Ct 18

10 Rimu vs Bayfield 10 Gold 9.00am Ct 18

9Blue vs QHS 9A 11.00am Ct 19

9Green vs East Otago Tigers 2.00pm Ct 21

9 Red vs  LPHS Maroon 9.00am Ct 21

Monday 31 July Mini ball - Edgar Centre
Year 8 Boys 
Bulls v Balmac Bobcats, Ct 6, 5:50pm
Bombers v STM, Ct 5, 5:50pm
Year 7 Boys 
Typhoons v JMCG 7A, Ct 3, 4:50pm
Tornados v  Fairfield Wildcats, Ct 4, 4:40pm
Year 8 Girls 
 Jaguars v  Balmac Starzz, Ct 7, 5:50pm (T3)
Bees v  STHI, Ct 6, 4:40pm
Clippers v Fairfield Sparks, Ct 6, 4:40pm
Year 7 Girls 
Cheetahs v TNI 7A, Ct 1, 4:50pm (T3)
Thunder v DNI Blue, Ct 1, 4:10pm
Monday 31 July Girls Hockey -
Taieri College v OGHS 2nd XI, 4:30pm Pav

Tuesday 1 August - 
Boys Hockey
Taieri College Snr v SOHS 2nd XI, 5:40pm, Div 3
Taieri College Junior v Bayfield Junior, 8:40pm, Far
Wednesday 2 August
Boys Football 
Taieri v 
Girls Rugby
Taieri 15s vs 
Taieri 10s vs