Sport Draw

Sports draws are placed up here upon being received from sports organisations. They can also be found outside the sports office at Taieri College.   
Monday 17 June Hockey
Monday 17 June Miniball Draw 

Taieri College Hawks v Tahuna 7A Boys, Ct 2, 5:30pm
Brumbies v Tahuna 7 orange , Ct 7, 4;05pm
Taieri College Hornets v Tahna 8A Boys, Ct 2, 4:10pm

Taieri College Ajax v Kavanagh Sparks, Ct 1, 4;10pm
All saints v Tahuna 8 Yellow, Ct 6, 5:15pm
Magic v KVC/WGTN Rockettes, Ct 3, 5:30pm

Wednesday 19th June
Boys Football
Blue v LPHS, Taieri College
Yellow v KVC, Kaikorai Valley College

Wednesday 19 June -
Secondary Schools Girls Rugby - 
Taieri 10s vs Bye (No Game this week)

Thursday 20 June 
Girls Football
Taieri College v STHI 2nd XI, Oval 1, 4pm
Friday 21 June Basketball
All players must have a mouth guard 
All teams must supply a person to do duty at school gyms   
Boys Junior 
Junior A v OBHS Red, Ct4, 4pm
Junior B v Kings Junior Spartans, Kings, 4:15pm
Caviliers v OBHS Fowlers, Taieri College, 4;15pm
Rockets v Bayfield Jnr B, Taieri College, 5:15pm

Senior A Boys v OBHS White, Ct 1, 8pm
Lakers v KVC Snr Blue, KVC, 6;15pm
Spurs v Pistons, Taieri College 6:15pm  
Pelicans v JMCG Airballs, Taieri College, 7:15pm 
Girls Junior  
Junior A v Columba Jnr A, Ct 2, 4pm
Sparks v Bayfield Jnr A, Ct 7, 5:15pm  
Cab’s v Queens Blue, Ct 4, 5:15pm

Celtics no game
Wildcats v KVC Snr Red, KVC, 7:15pm
 Ballers no game
Taieri Plains Junior Netball Draw – Round  Saturday 22 June 2019

Section 1
Team   Team Time Court Umpires
Townies vs Fairfield Steel 9:55 ITC TPJN Supplied Umpires
Taieri Steel vs Taieri Tactix 10:50 ITC TPJN Supplied Umpires
Section 2
Team   Team Time Court Umpires
Taieri Galaxy vs Taieri Fever 9:00 ITC Emma Timney & Maise Kirk
Taieri Swifts vs Taieri Mystics 10:50 3 Janaya Guthrie & Keira Hughes
Taieri Meteors vs Outram Red 11:45 3 Naomi Powell & Eryn Bannister-Russell
Section 3
Team   Team Time Court Umpires
Fairfield Pulse vs Fairfield Tactix 9:00 3 Tilly Ruthven & Hannah Bray
Taieri Moons vs Taieri Planets 9:55 3 Tilly Ruthven & Hannah Bray
Taieri Rays vs Taieri Pulse 11:45 ITC Sophie Horton & Sophie Binnie

Games are 10 minute quarters, 2 minute quarter time breaks and a 3 minute half time break
* 11.45am - Court 6 will need to change the hoops to high hoops.
Please observe the following Rules in the ITC Building
* - Player Drink Bottles Only
* - Absolutely NO food or drink (including coffee cups)
* - Absolutely NO trikes, bikes, scooters or baby buggies/prams
* - Absolutely NO entry to the upstairs viewing area
* - Please take any rubbish with you when you leave

Friday 14 June

3.40pm JMC B   v Taieri College Gold   PAV
5.20pm Outram   v Taieri College Green   PAV
7.50pm Tahuna A   V Taieri College Blue   PAV
7.50pm Tahuna B   V Taieri College Silver   FAR
Saturday 22 June Netball Edgar Centre - $3.50 Entry
Adult Grades
Senior A vs 
 Senior B vs
10A vs Queens Snr A 12.00pm Ct 6  Umpire Duty 1.00pm Ct 12
 9A vs KVC Snr A 10.00am Ct 6 Standby Umpire 11.00am
Kowhai vs Queens Snr B 1.00pm Ct 7 Standby Umpire 2.00pm 
Emeralds vs OGHS Snr C 1.00pm Ct 8 Standby Umpire 2.00pm
Diamonds vs Columba Snr 13 9.00am Ct 8 Standby Umpire 10.00am
Sapphires vs OGHS Snr 12 10.00am Ct 9 Standby Umpire 11.00am
Rubies vs OGHS Yr 11 1.00am Ct 9 Standby Umpires 2.00pm
Rata vs Bayfield Jnr B 2.00pm Ct 11
Rimu vs Bayfield Jnr gold 12.00pm Ct 11
Blue vs OGHS 9B 11.00am Ct 12
Green vs Columba 9B 10.00am Ct 12
Red vs Taieri Yellow 11.00am Ct 13
Yellow vs Taieri Red  11.00am Ct 13
Thursday 6 June
Netball - Edgar Centre
Steel vs STHI 8A  5.25pm Ct 8
Tactix vs Tahuna 8B 3.45 pm Ct 9
Comets vs Galaxy 3.45pm Ct 11
Galaxy vs Comets 3.45pm Ct 11