Taieri College miniball teams play at the Edgar Centre against other intermediates and high schools from Dunedin.  This year we had a record number of miniball teams compete.  11 teams in the Dunedin Competition (6 boys teams at both year 7 and 8 level and 5 girls team at year 7 & 8).  Our teams also have the opportunity to compete in sports exchanges with other schools and we also compete in the North Otago miniball tournament.  Our miniballers also have the opportunity to attend our early morning basketball development programme.

2016 Teams
Please note that these are the teams for the first couple of weeks of the season to see how the teams work at training and at games. 

There have been some changes due to injuries and player withdrawals. Please check your teams as they are still in the process of bedding down for the season. Major change is that the the Year 7 Girls Lakers and the Year 7 Boys Warriors have merged to form the mighty Year 7 Thunder in the mixed grade. 
It takes Mr Andrew Sutton and Mrs Rebecca Barnett alot of time and energy to organize these teams. Please ensure that you make their volunteered assistance as easy as possible by committing to your sport and if you are sick or injuried let them know early. 

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Miniball 2016 

Y8 Boys 

Taieri 8 A  Flames   Bulls

Bart Lind  Megan Henderson  manager wanted

Thomas Andrews   Hayden Henderson  Rikki Kerr 

Gene Jamieson  Nathan Carter  Adam Scammell 

Jonathan Watt  Jayden Grant  Ollie Ritchie 

Ollie Sinclair  Ben Irvine  Jacob Andrews 

Bailey Reid  Dylan Reid  Daniel Bray  

Mason Bell  Ben Peat  George Brookland 

Oliver Shaw  Kodi Anderson 

Riley Horne 

Year 7 Boys

 7 A   Heat 
Craig Scammell  Mr Jones 

Tane Stanton  Oram Gutsell 

Liam Gardiner  Liam Anngow 

Issac Adam  Conner Murrell 

Zaine Murdoch  Leeroy Ellison 

Blake Scammell  Sam Harbour 

Lucas Blair  Arana Kelly 

Olie Sythl  

 Year 8 A Girls   Blaze  Hawks 

Lynne Blackwood  Mrs Cunningham  Mrs Phelan 

Poppy Kirk  Mackenzie Little  Briana Day 

Emma Faithful  Nushka Kelly  Lily Brown 

Erica Siboharawai  Abigail O’Brien  Kimberly Pedofsky 

Laura Crammond  Keziah Woodcock  Emily Faulkner 

Catherine McAuley - Gordon  Adriana Mellon  Amity Jenkins 

Shinae Stanley  Kate Wylie 

Libby Blackwood  Paige Flett 

Laura Gale 

 7A Girls 

Shae Young 

Danni Thomson 

Micaela Macgregor 

Eilish Fright 

Olivia Harvey 

Brooke Duff 

Lucy Young 

Shyah Beattie 

Taieri Thunder 

Mrs Barnett . 

Toni McKay    

Harrison Urquhart    

Maleena Taia    

Tyson Bone    

Olivia McLachlan    

Levi Devlin    

Ella Sneddon    

Liam Anngow 

Important information for all involved in Miniball
Competition Rules Kiwi Hoops is the official national junior basketball programme of New Zealand. It uses basketball activities and games to provide fun and enjoyable learning and participation experiences for young people from 5 to 13 years of age.... Kiwi Hoops is based on modified games and activities that provide fun and success for everyone. It’s designed to meet the needs of young players while keeping the essence of the game. Kiwi Hoops has four stages aligned to the following school years: 
  • All Star - Year 7 and 8 The structure, focus and format changes at each stage based on the developmental needs of the players. Punctuality / Timing of Games
  • Teams must be on court at the start of the scheduled game time.
  • Score sheets must be filled in 10mins before the commencement of games. 
  • The clock will start whether teams are ready or not. Teams
  • Each player can only play for one team throughout the league, unless permission has been given by the Competitions Manager.
  • Dispensation will only be given under exceptional circumstances. Highlight on scoresheet.
  • Players should only play up a grade, where this is not possible players may not be allowed to play twice.
  • Any player playing twice without permission will default both games played in. Behaviour
  • Swearing/ abuse to other players/ referees/ coaches will result in the player being sent from the court for the rest of the game. 
  • Teams need to supply 1 person for the score bench for their own games. If each team supplies a score bench person, no disputes can occur. 
  • Please note once game is finished the score on the score-sheet is final.
  • In Kiwihoops Bounce and Kiwihoops Mini the coaches will be required to referee the game and are encouraged to help all the players develop their skills and understanding of the game. Points Table
  • Points Tables will be maintained only for the competitive Year 5/6 A, Year 7 A and Year 8 A grades.
  • If teams are tied at the end of section play the final standings will be determined as follows:

    Two-way tie: result of the game between the two teams involved or if no game is played between the teams, overall points differential will decide the rankings.

    Three-way tie: the winner shall be decided on the basis of the greatest points differential in the games between the teams involved.