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27 August 2012

Title: The Trap
Author: John  Smelcer                                                                                                                                                                     

Review: This is a exciting story about a boy and his grandfather who live in Alaska.
The grandfather has taken far too long to return from checking his traps.
Wolves, plummeting temperature and sheer hunger menace his grandfather,
 he is unable to move as he has caught his foot in his own trap.
Johnny has to wrap up and head out into the unrelenting weather to find his
grandfather in time.

27 August 2012

Title: taking off

Janice Marriott

Review: Alana dreams of being a pilot, but she might be going blind like her father.
New teenagers move into the neighborhood. A political refugee, Amira who speaks
very little english and a boy obsessed with making a flying machine.
When Tommy is involved in an accident that happens to Alana's fathers seeing-eye
dog Alana is furious. Alana is not sure she wants to take these two under her wing
as she has more important things to worry about, like her up in coming eye test. 


27 August 2012

Title:   The Silver Sword

Author:  Ian Serraillier

Review: This story is about a Polish family during the Second World War.
Their father is already in a prison of war camp.  When the Nazis come and take
their mother, the children escape. Now alone in the chaos of Warsaw, they have
to learn to survive on their own. Thus starts an amazing journey from Warsaw to Switzerland.


27 August 2012

Title: Away for the weekend

Dyan Sheldon

Review: Two very different girls, two very different lives. One a english "geek" the
other a fashion designer in the making. Both have to go to LA for the weekend for an
awards dinner in their field of experties. However an angel thinks it would be a good
 idea to swap them, into each others bodies. Show them how the other one lives.
 What a mess this becomes. This was a really amusing book.





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