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04 March 2013

Title: Third Degree

Author: Tania Roxborogh

Review: Ruth is a 19year old looking back on her experience of having third degree burns when she was 10years old. Her memories of staying in the hospital, the feeling of abandonment. What the hospital did to her and other children during her stay. What I really liked about this book is the Author draws from her own experience of having been burned as a child.

04 March 2013

Title: Blackout

Robert Swindells

Review: What an experience these four children have when the Second World War breaks out in 1939. They suspect two strangers in town to be up to no good. This leads them into an old underground gold mine. Then things get dark and dangerous... I really liked this book, love the way Robert Swindells draws you into the story...

04 March 2013

Title: Nothing Scares Me

Author: Gene Kemp

Review: Petra can predict the future - its a talent that she hates. When a girl goes missing from her home town, Petra starts having visions that may hold the key to her disappearance. This has a wonderful twist. A must read. I really enjoyed it.

04 March 2013

Title: The Thin Line

Author: V R Joseph

Thing keep going from bad to worse for Kane, He suprises his girlfriend in the arms of his best mate,hurt and angry he decides to go bush for a week. Unfortunately something horrific happens on the way...changing his life forever..WOW I really enjoyed this book. It is action packed with several unlucky events one after the other for Kane. You kind of feel sorry for him in the end.