Mr Newell's review of " Sir Edmund Hillary An Extraordinary Life " by Alexa     
Johnston ( Biography - Year 10 upwards)
Arguably New Zealand's biggest icon, this book tells many stories. His history
making  expeditions up Mt Everest and to the South Pole on a tractor. The most 
remarkable part for me was how he used his world-wide fame to help the 
people of Nepal by fundraising to build schools and hospitals in remote areas.
His wife and daughter were killed in a plane crash on one of their many visits to
The term legend is used too freely these days! All true kiwis need to know more
about the bloke on our $5 note. A kiwi icon and legend.


Miss Walmsley's
review of "Every Second Counts" by Lance Armstrong. (Biography - Yr 9 upwards. Level 2 reading)

This biography is about Lance Armstrong's personal and professional battles.  The title sums up his personal philosophy of how life is so short and that you have to make the most of it, and also how when training and competing you have to push yourself hard.  I enjoyed this, particulary in the light of his recent confession.  I also found it an easy read.

Mr Bolton's review of "The Avenger" by Frederick Forsyth. (Thriller - 14Yrs and up)

This book interweaves stories of a young American relief worker abducted and murdered during the Bosnian war.  His Grandfather is outraged and employs the services of an underground 'agent for hire' - the Avenger - to hunt down the murderer.  The Avenger is an ex-vietnam veteran with his own background of personal tragedy.  In a bizarre twist the Avenger's progress is blocked by the CIA who want to leave the murderer untouched, as he is their key to locating another terrorist of even greater concern - Osama Bin laden.  The CIA believe that Osama is on the brink of some bigger event and want to catch him in time.....

Miss Hurst's review of "Genesis (The Rosie Black Chronicles Book 1)" by Lara Morgan. (Mystery/drama/sci fi - Years 9 and 10)

This novel takes place 500 years in the future on the West Coast of Australia after all of the ice caps have melted.  Humans have also developed space travel with a community living on Mars.
The novel is about a teenage girl called Rosie.  Whilst out exploring she and her friend Juli discover a box with mysterious symbols on it.  This discovery triggers a chain reaction of murder, friendship with a feral, travel from Earth to the upper atmosphere and beyond. What is revealed could affect mankind for ever....

I could not put this book down.  It reminded me of the Hunger Games but less predictable.  The author revealed a lot of detail about the setting and action so it was easy to create a movie in my head BUT there were many twists and turns and I didn't know which character to trust or what was going to happen next.

Mrs Rosevear's review of "The knife of never letting go" by Patrick Ness.

The last boy in the world where the women have all gone; where you can hear everyone's thoughts and he has been told to run.

First of a trilogy - This is a great, easy to read series that is set in the future.  It is about a boy called Todd who, along with a girl that he meets called Viola, work together to escape the evil leader of their community.  This leader will not stop until he has control over everyone in their society.
Very enjoyable - I have just finished the third and final book in the series.

 Miss McSweeney's review of "Miss Peregrine's Home for Perculiar Children" written by Ransom Riggs.

Riggs has created an unsettling, wondrous and frightening world based on his personal collection of vintage photographs found at garage sales and op-shops.

Our narrator Jacob, a boy of 15 years, starts by describing the photographic collection of his Grandpa.  Images taken during his time at a Welsh children's home, strange picture of a headless boy, floating girls and a man with two mouths.  Just funny pictures and strange stories that Jacob does not really believe, but pretends to so that Grandpop feels good.

However, on a remote island off the coast of Wales, Jacob discovers the crumbling remains of Miss Peregrine's home for perculiar children.

Finding himself in a strange world where monsters are real and time can be stopped, Jacob slowly comes tot eh understanding that, whilst he had come to accept that his life would be ordinary, extraordinary things can sometimes happen.

Mr Cooper's review of "Birds of Prey" by Wilbur Smith. (Ages YR11 and up)

Hal Courtney and his father, Francis, prey upon Dutch ships headed for England until they are betrayed by a greedy rival and are captured by the Dutch. Francis is executed and Hal escapes and swears vengeance upon his enemies.

There are lots of bloody sea battles, romantic interludes, and beautiful descriptions of Africa and the Dutch Indies.
It moves at a fast pace with lots of heroes and villains.