Sporting Blues

This is the most prestigious award that we give in recognition of outstanding excellence in individual or team sport.  Students are entered for the award by their Teacher or Coach according to a set of criteria.  The applications are collated towards the end of Term Three and a group of staff representing Sporting and Cultural interests and members of the Senior Leadership Team come together to debate the awards.
There are several levels of award;
Level 1   Certificate
Level 2   Distinction
Level 3   Blue
Blues are awarded at the high status Blues Evening which is held at the beginning of Term Four.  Students who are nominated for a Blue Award are recognised for their achievement and a Sportsman and Sportswomen is selected and announced at the ceremony.  Year 7 and 8 students will be recognised separately in a Distinction Assembly to be held after the Blues Evening.
The outstanding teams are also recognised at this Ceremony and one is chosen for the award of Sports Team for the year.

Rory Findlay and Rachel Beattie

2018 Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year

Year 9A Netball Team

2018 Team of the Year

Sport Criteria

If a student can represent the college they should do so.  If a student chooses not to be part of the college team without suitable reason (eg. it would unduly limit their personal progress) it may not be looked on favourably by the committee.  For minority sports, the committee will investigate the following with their sporting body:
  • How big was the field?
  • How big is the sport Dunedin/ Otago / nationwide?
  • What commitment/sacrifice did the athlete show to get to the competition?
  • Could the athlete have gone to the next tier of competition?

For major sports clearer guidelines are itemised below.  Blues are generally not awarded to teams:- 
  • In the instance where a small team (eg. triathlon) was to reach an exceptionally high level (eg. top three in New Zealand) it may be appropriate for the Blues Committee to award a Blue to all members of the team. This is at the committee’s discretion and recognises that each member of the team would need to be performing at a very high level for the team to achieve this.
  • Where an individual does not have a pathway to reach a higher level as it does not practically exist without leaving the college then a Blue may be either awarded at the discretion of the committee or other guidelines may be put in place.
  • Points prizes will not be considered.
  • Under consultation the committee reserve the right to amend the criteria. 

Guidelines for specific sports

Athletics/Cross Country
Attain first placing at Otago Secondary Schools or higher championships  or top five placing at a NZSSS national sanctioned event

Otago age group A team (need to travel to tournament)         

Full Otago age group A team travel to tournament against legitimate opposition (eg. Canterbury, not North Otago)    

Otago age group A team Dunedin Netball Centre representative team

U14, U16 or U18 representative team (need to travel to tournament)

Football South A team representative

Otago age group A team representative

Top three placing at SISS or national secondary school qualifier or top three Division 2

Otago age group representative to travel to tournament

Otago age group (need to travel to tournament)