At Taieri College the teaching programme has been designed to enhance student engagement and encourage collaboration. The Teaching programme is divided into Junior School (Year 7-10) and Senior School (Year 11-13).

The Taieri Way

We believe that students need to be in a structured and safe environment in order for them to embrace the challenge of new learning. By forging a strong partnership with our community, particularly with our parents/whanau, we seek to support our young people to develop positive ways of working with each other and to be willing to explore new ideas and new experiences.


Taieri College is proudly co-educational. Having boys and girls in the same classroom allows them to become better socially adjusted. Taieri College students consistently reach high levels of attainment and our results compare admirably to other New Zealand schools. Our co-educational setting gives our students a distinct advantage for when they move on to further education, the workplace or tertiary study.


We expect everyone to try their best. It is so important that young people make the link between trying hard and succeeding. If success is attained without effort that potentially can be as damaging as not succeeding at all. Trying hard doesn’t guarantee success but it certainly reduces the odds of failing!

Be it in the classroom, the sports field or on stage, we expect Taieri students to be the best they possibly can. We want them to embrace competition, not shy away from it. Don’t waste your time looking for shortcuts, there is no substitute for hard work.

Secondly, we expect Taieri students to use good manners. Words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ should be automatic in our vocabulary. If someone asks for something and doesn’t say please, then quite simply they won’t get it!

Our third expectation is that we all get on with others. We don’t expect everyone to be friends, but I think it is important we accept others differences and right to be different. We are proud of Taieri’s congenial atmosphere and we see it as a crucial part of our school culture. Taieri students look out for each other.