Taieri College, formerly called The Taieri High School and, prior to 1956, the Mosgiel District High School, is a co-educational state school in Mosgiel, formed from a merger between The Taieri High School and Mosgiel Intermediate School in 2004.

Taieri College Alumni aims to foster friendship, build community spirit, and enlarge the school community. Taieri College Alumni includes:

  • Taieri College
  • The Taieri High School
  • Mosgiel Intermediate
  • Mosgiel District High School

Taieri College Alumni provides a place for people to reconnect with their fellow school mates and the school. If you are a former student or teacher of these schools we encourage you to register to our database on the Taieri College website (useful links/Alumni), and to keep up to date through our newsletters put together by the Alumni committee.

The School is celebrating its 150th in 2021.

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