Taieri College International Student Sophie Kilders

Sophie Kilders

My name is Sophie Kilders, I’m 15 years old and I’m from Germany. I stayed in New Zealand for a whole year and spent the first half in Tauranga and then came down to Mosgiel.

Leaving everything behind and starting a new life without anything familiar is always hard. It’s not as hard when you know that you’re eventually going to go back to your old life but then on the other hand you know it will be hard to leave the life behind you are about to start. Since year seven I knew that I wanted to go to New Zealand one day. Everything I knew about it was fascinating.

When I finally came to New Zealand it was more than I ever expected it to be. The way of life and school is so much more relaxed than in Germany and the landscape is really fascinating. In school, I did Art & Design, SPR, Geography, Textiles Technology, English and Maths. Those classes are so much more interesting then what I have to do at home (like Chemistry, Physics, History, Latin, English J , German, Maths…) and having only six subjects is way less to learn then having about twelve subjects. Even though I didn’t know anybody the first day of school was pretty cool. Everything was new and everybody was really nice to me. I would have never expected me to play Rugby one day as it’s not very big in Germany but now it is one of my biggest hobbies. Just like Rugby I did so many other things I would have never done (do we even have Bungy Jumps in German?) and I wouldn’t change one thing I did in New Zealand if I could.

During my time down here I made many friends that are now really important to me and it feels like I have known them my whole life. Same goes to my host family. I wouldn’t have wanted to have gone anywhere else because they are just perfect to me. From not knowing them at all they went to being part of my family in such a short time and they have always been there for me. Everything we did was so much fun and even though nobody ever understood me helping on the farm was one of the best parts. I love all of the people I got to know here and I’ll miss you all heaps. My host family, my friends, my Rugby team and the International department.

Thank you for all being there for me, for having so much fun together and for making my time in Mosgiel so special. If I’m coming back is definitely not the right question. A better question would be when I’m coming back!!! (It won’t take too long hopefully).

Taieri College International Student Fernanda


My name is Fernanda, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Brazil, I’m exchange student in New Zealand, studying at Taieri College. It was here that I meet and made new friendships I’d like to say to all the international students it was a pleasure meeting you and I love you so much guys, I will never forget the moments that we had.

Oh about my host family? Let’s go! My host family were the wonderful Ennis’s family, so Kelly, Tristan, Maddison, Mackenzie and Laura I want to say thank you for everything, for all the love and affection that you gave me, you were a big family to me and I want to say sorry if I made something that you didn’t like and especially for not given all the attention and affection that you deserve, but it’s because every minute that I stayed with you but I cling to you and I already knew how much I will suffer away, it hurts but it is life and then thank you so much for everything, the love and attention.

Ms Loughrey, Ms Sharron, Ms Hayes I couldn’t forget you, I want to say thanks so much for all the love and affection that you gave me, by the strength, your help when I needed you, you made me stronger, thank you for your patience that you all had with me, I’m not really good at English but I’m better than before.Thank you so much all of you from my heart for not giving up on me, you guys will live forever in my heart.

Sorry for all the paragraph had very “ Thank you ‘’ but when I wrote this speech every tear that come down was of gratitude just like now so I can’t stop saying thanks for each thing that you did for me. I want come back here to see you guys I don’t know when but I will come back.

I am gonna miss you so much guys I’m not prepared to say good bye. So my departure day is coming closer, with every day that passes my heart is  tightening, some people in Brazil  are saying that it’s happy because I go back and I just cry because I don’t want to go back to Brazil. Oh I have an idea! I’m going to run away, can someone help me? Keep calm I’m just kidding hahahah.

Laura you have been a big sister, I’m going to miss our crazy moments, sua vaca.

Host family Ennis, Ms Loughrey, Ms Sharron, Ms Hayes and all the teachers.  I’m gonna miss you so much.  I love you so much guys!