At Taieri College we offer a wide range of sports both within the school and through our local sports clubs. If you are interested in finding out further information about what sports we have on offer at Taieri College look at the specific information on the website. This information is updated as we receive it from the regional sports organisations who run the different Intermediate and secondary school sports competitions. There are also at different times through out the year events and opportunities which occur as one off events. The information about these events will also be placed on the school website.

See our Taieri College Sport Strategic Plan here


  • Taieri College has a proud interchange tradition with the following schools.
  • South Otago High School - Summer and Winter
  • James Hargest High School - Winter
  • Central Southland College - Cricket
  • Kavanagh College Dunedin- Year 7 & 8
  • Longford Intermediate Gore - Year 7 & 8


This pages contains all information regarding the different policies that affect sport at Taieri College. We will be updating this page on a regular basis with information related to sport at Taieri College.



Students who are interested in playing Badminton at school can attend trainings at the school gym from 3.30pm - 4.30pm run by Mr Leh-Ong Wong.

Our badminton team competes in school interchanges with South Otago High School, James Hargest and also the Co-Ed tournament held in Dunedin.

Mosgiel Junior Badminton 2018 Season starts Friday 4 May 2018 from 7.00pm – 8:30pm at Mosgiel Memorial Stadium.

Boys and Girls Ages 9-18 years
Club Nights: Friday 7pm – 8:30pm
School Terms 2 & 3



Coaching lessons are available.


Taieri College has a large number of Basketball Boys and Girls teams that compete in all grades of the Dunedin Basketball Competititon.

We have a number of dedicated Coaches who work hard to realise the potential of our young players.



Senior A Boys 

1 Wirangi, Herbie
2 Sinclair, Ollie
3 Munro, Josh
4 Hooper, Jacoby
5 Gibson, Jared
6 Chiffers, Joshua
7 Bray, Daniel
8 Bennett, Joshua
9 Stanton, Tane
10 Moka Elone
11 McIntosh, Tyla
12 Gardiner, Liam

Senior A Girls 

1 Beattie, Neve
2 Beattie, Shyah
3 MacKenzie, Ella
4 Pitchers, Renee
5 Stanley, Shinae
6 Thomson, Danni
7 West, Jemma
8 Jannah Hooper 
9 Tilly Ruthven



Junior A Boys 

1 Cross, Riley
2 McFelin, Harry
3 McIntosh, Tyla
4 Metuakore-Tiaiti, Paraurahi
5 Simpson, Micah
6 Tamihana, Reef
7 Walker, Caleb
8 Boylan, Niko
9 Brownlie, Luke
10 Edwards, Lachlan
11 Such, Charlie
12 Woodward, Chicane

Junior A Girls 

1 Andrews, Annabelle
2 Barnes, Mikayla
3 Evans, Sarah
4 Hooper, Jannah
5 Hughes, Keira
6 Robinson, Chloe
7 Robinson, Sophie
8 Ruthven, Tilly
9 Stanley, Tyla
10 Wirangi, Izzy



Junior Girls 


TC Ballers

1 Tikey, Emily
2 Te Kanawa, Georgina
3 Johnston, Emma
4 Lloyd, Gemma
5 Pool, Holly
6 Baxter, Amelia
7 Lewis, Cheyanne
8 Cummings, Rylee
9 Sinclair, Hannah
10 Hughes, Bella
11 Stevenson, Anneka
12 Beulink, Ashley




1 Jopson, Nia
2 Chettleburgh, Anika
3 Bishell, Lara
4 Bishell, Tessa
5 Clough, Sophie
6 King, Maia
7 Burkett, Kate
8 Gorman, Libby
9 Paia-Letman, Gardenia
10 Katipa, Poppy-Jade
  Trevathan-Kendrew, Lily
  Wolland, Destiny



All stars

1 Faulkner, Emily
2 Burgess, Alex 
3 Fashwal, Rama 
4 Jones, Aimee
5 Waters, Kate
6 Ealson, Emily
7 Pedofsky, Chloe
8 Pedofsky, Kimberley
9 Breen, Bryse
10 Smith, Piper




1 Duff, Brooke
2 Lord, Cate
3 Bird, Hailee
4 Tizard, Camryn
5 Sinclair, Mackenzie
6 Fright, Eilish
7 Smith, Jayde
8 Ellis, Olivia
9 Nichol, Kelly
10 Butcher, Ella



TC Wildcats 

1 Gale, Laura
2 Day, Briana
3 Hanna, Kate
4 Wylie, Kate
5 Cramond, Kayla
6 Kennedy, Ella
7 Faithful, Emma
8 O'Brien, Abigail
9 Jayakumar, Arunnesh
10 Paton, Abigail




1 Bain, Joel
2 Holley, Brodie
3 Paul ,Jake
4 Newell, Hartley
5 Hoffman, Carter
6 MacFarlane, Dylan
7 Campbell, Ethan



TC The Bricks 

1 McIver, Lucas
2 de Meyer, Drew
3 Esplin, Ollie
4 Stanton, Tai
5 Botha, Jude
6 Miller, Travis
7 Roome, Cayden
8 Ellis, Levi
9 Verburg, Chace



TC Nuggets

1 Andrews, James
2 Cuddie, Liam
3 Ellis, Layton
4 Shrimpton, Cooper
5 Shrimpton, Max
6 Siloy, Josh
7 Mortensen-Morunga, Ollie
8 Konelio, Emanuel
9 Carvell, Josh




1 Cloynes, Jack
2 Morrison, Joshua
3 Sinclair, Isaac
4 Loli, Braxton
5 Rosie, Joel
6 Hutton, Tamati
7 Sheridan, Beckham
8 Ong, Marcus



TC Pink Snappers 

1 Boylan, Riley
2 Hyde, Samuel
3 Forgie, Jalen
4 Lord, Cameron
5 Clarkson, Blake
6 Croy, Caleb
7 Wirangi, Isaac



TC Fire

1 Whitley, Flynn
2 Whitley, Zachary
3 Ru, William
4 Stegen, Heynecke
5 Urban, Gianni
6 Johnston, Charlie
7 Latta, Fergus
8 Leyden, Jed



TC Wood dogs 

1 Hey, Koby
2 Farr, Rhys
3 Ballantyne, Mitch
4 Jackson, Josh
5 Abernethy, Harry
6 Leebody, Harry
7 O'Brien, Jack
8 McKinlay, Ashton
9 Metuakore, Ramana
10 Walker, Joshua



TC Timberwolves

1 Hunter, Billy
2 Smythe, Ollie
3 Kakahi, Logan
4 Jenkins, Hamish
5 Cramond, Billy
6 Struthers, Adam
7 Smith, Zach 
8 Mackenzie, Ollie



TC Pistons 

1 Peat, Ben
2 Robinson, Andrew
3 Hunter, Hamish
4 Hutton, Wiremu
5 Andrews, Thomas
6 Stewart, Cameron
7 Andrews, Jacob
8 McArthur, Finn
Taieri College Cricket Boys

Our boys play in Gillett Cup competitions and School Summer interchange with South Otago High School. Our juniors compete in the 20/20 competition of Junior Tournament week and either win or make the finals. Our girls team were Otago Southland Semi Finalists in the 2018 Bates Cup. 

Cricket at Taieri College has been on the rise for the past couple of years with us doubling the amount of teams we have at school. Our First XI is made up of keen cricketers from years 11-13 and compete in the Premier Schools section of the Dunedin Cricket Competition. Our 2nd XI also had a good season in open schools section. We have a number of junior cricket teams made up of year 9 to 10 players. They competed in the Junior A Grade Competition. In year 7 and 8 while our students still play for Taieri Junior Club they come together to play matches with other intermediate schools in the Otago and Southland Area. Girls cricket is also very popular at Taieri College.

Cross Country
2019 Cross Country Team
2019 Cross Country Team

The Year 9-13 Cross Country was held on the 13 April 2018 in great sunny conditions. Participation numbers were well up with classes chasing inter-form points.  We took the runners down to Memorial Park to complete two rounds of the fields and a run down the banks of the Silverstream. We picked our Cross Country Team from this race to compete in the Otago Secondary Schools Cross Country Series in May.  

Taieri College Equestrian

Taieri College has an Equestrian Team that competes in the Otago Secondary Schools Equestrian Competition.  We have a number of keen Equestrians at the school. Mrs Vosper manages the team and at the 2018 Otago Secondary Schools Event Taieri College finished in 2nd place. There was only one point that separated the winning teams. 

We also had a number of individual winners and Brylee Dunphy pictured here who is in Year 7 finished in 2nd place in the 80cm class competing against competitiors who were senior riders.

Taieri College Football Girls

Football is very popular at Taieri College, we currently have two boys teams and one girls team. We compete in the local Dunedin competition and we have regular exchanges with South Otago and James Hargest. We provide the opportunity to compete in the South Island Football tournaments in Tournament week and our girls team sometime competes in the 3 Rivers Tournament in Southland. Rory Findlay our senior boys captain was selected this year to represent New Zealand in the Under 19 Secondary Schools team to USA and was named tour vice captain.


Futsal is a very popular summer sport at Taieri College we have many teams that play in the Edgar Centre competition from Year 7 through to Year 13. Our teams are competitive and our football players enjoy playing to compliment their Football trainings.

Taieri College Golf

At Taieri College students who are keen on golf have the opportunity to visit the Taieri Lakes Golf course every Tuesday evening in the Summer to have golf coaching. We also compete in the Otago Secondary School Golf Championships and the Otago Secondary School Sports have a go tournament at the end of the year. Hayden Robertson was 2nd overall in the Otago Champs and he is a member of the Otago Under 16 Golf Team. Nick Matheson came 2nd in the Non Handicap section and Liam Sheridan had the best net score.

Taieri College Hockey

Hockey has become very popular at Taieri College and we now have four boys and girls teams Years 9-13 and four Intermediate teams at Year 7 & 8. This year our Senior Girls team will attend the Jenny McDonald Cup Tournament, while the boys will be travelling to the Coaches Cup Tournament. All our teams compete at the Co-Ed tournament in Dunedin and interchanges against James Hargest and South Otago High Schools.


Taieri College miniball teams play at the Edgar Centre against other intermediates and colleges from Dunedin.  

Our teams also have the opportunity to compete in sports exchanges with other schools and we have also in recent years competed in the North Otago miniball tournament.  

Miniballers also have the opportunity to attend our early morning basketball development programme.


Boys’ Miniball Teams 2021 Season


Year 8 Blue

1.     Zac Cunningham

2.     Kobe Watt

3.     Ollie Michelle

4.     Hayden Webb

5.     Nico Chirnside

6.     Max Cross

7.     Oscar Berry

8.     Liam Holley

Year 8 Gold

1.     Noah McMillan

2.     Mace Hodge

3.     Lafa Tofiga

4.     Hunter Compton

5.     Harper Conley

6.     Van Couch

7.     Arian Najafi

8.     Hunter Joss Callghan

Year 7 Navy

1.     Liam Lord

2.     Fletcher Ruthven

3.     Hudson Shaw

4.     Xavia Hannigan

5.     Hugo Siloy

6.     Tok Taia

7.     Ryan Haggerty

8.     Kael Hughes

Year 7 Gold

1.     Macklyn O’Connor

2.     Seb De Meyer

3.     Jack Cuddie

4.     Billie Edwards

5.     Jack Johnston

6.     Benji Grant

7.     Jett Bennett

8.     Tarquin Tautua

Year 7 Blue

1.     Blake Shrimpton

2.     Cohen Bain

3.     Kupa Richmond

4.     Will Campbell

5.     Liam Smith

6.     Baxter Sinclair

7.     Carl Salmon

8.     Noah Clarke-Barnes

Year 7 Yellow

1.     Jaxon Bremner

2.     Lucas Mitchell

3.     Sam Griffith

4.     Nate Roome

5.     Izaak Kinney

6.     Connor McDonald

7.     Angelo Lemaire

8.     Oliver Whyte

9.     JP Tulia-Shand

10.  Sam Pool



Girls’ Miniball Teams 2021 Season


Year 8 Blue

1.    Rosie Mitchell

2.    Libby Burgess

3.    Bella Hendry

4.    Kayla Hendry

5.    Jessy Lawrence

6.    Sienna Forgie

7.    Jessica Clough

8.    Jordin Harvey Roberts

Year 7 Gold

1.    Paige Hodge

2.    Codi Burgess

3.    Tayla Owen Cooper

4.    Elodie Ilain

5.    Payton Downs

6.    Livy Urquhart

7.    Violet Bennie

8.    Sophie Whyte

9.    Sage Beal Harris

10. Laylah Renwick

Taieri College Multisports

Built upon the traditional strengths of Taieri college sport: Athletics, Cycling and swimming - The Taieri College individuals and teams have been highly successful over recent years winning both Otago and Otago - Southland titles. 

We are fortunate to have the expertise of the Dunedin Triathlon Club on call as they train at the College pool in term one and four. This link has enables our students to train with some of the best coaches in the Otago region. 

Taieri College Netball

Taieri College has a proud tradition of producing top class netball players and teams. We have 24 Netball teams competing from Year 7-13 at Taieri Plains Junior Netball and Dunedin Netball Centre Saturday Competition. We have many quality coaches and managers at Taieri College to further any Netball Careers.

Taieri College Senior A Netball plays in the Premier B Grade of the Dunedin Netball Centre Open Womens Grade. Our Senior B Team also plays in the Dunedin Netball Centre Open Womens Grade and have just moved up to section 3. Our Taieri College 10A and 9A teams play in the Schools Premier Grades Our Year 10 Teams play in the Intermediate Schools Grade Our Year 9 Teams play in the Junior Schools Grade Our Senior Social Grades play in the Senior Schools Grade.

Our Year 7 & 8 Teams play in the Taieri Plains Primary Schools Competition With our top team also playing in the Dunedin Primary School Competition 2018 Otago Netball Championships Taieri College teams all placed in the top four of every grade. Our Year 9A Team are the current Junior Otago Champions our Year 10A team were 2nd in the Intermediate grade, and our Senior A team finished 4th in the Senior A Grade competition.

2017 South Island Netball Championships with 76 teams competing our Senior A team is seeded 19th going into the 2018 Competition. 2014 our Taieri College Year 9A netball team was the top performing Netball team in the South Island winning the 2014 Otago Secondary Schools netball competition and also travelling to Christchurch to compete in the junior South Island Championships. They were crowned South Island Champions at this tournament. Their win was the first for an Otago Team since the inception of the competition.

Taieri College Rugby Girls

Under 14

Coaches: Shannon Williams, James Piho
Manager: Graeme Egan
Training: Wed/Thu 3:30pm Kaye Field

Under 15

Coaches: Siale Tunoka, Daryl MacKenzie
Manager: Ben Baines
Training: Wed/Thu 3:30 Kaye Field

1st XV

Coaches: Jared Peacock, Ryan Rosevear
Manager: Lynne Blackwood
Training: Tue/Thu 3:30pm Kaye Field


Coaches: Tom Hill
Manager: Shannon Edgar
Training: Tue 3.30pm Kaye Field

Smallbore Rifle Shooting

Looking for something different?

  • Suitable for anyone over 14 years old
  • Low Cost All equipment supplied
  • Heaps of fun Social or Competition
  • Taieri College has a team of students who are involved so you can sign up at sport office.

West Taieri Smallbore Rifle Club Outram Community Hall (next to Dairy)

Tuesdays 7.30pm

For further information, contact:

Lindsay 03 486 2782
Fiona 03 486 2223


Taieri College Swim Sports

8 Records - New Record holders:

  • Niamh Burke – 4 records Year 8
  • Kylie Gale - 1 Record Year 9
  • Gabby Kakahi – 3 Records Year 10

New Records for 2018


  • 1 Length Freestyle - Year 8, Niamh Burke 14.88
  • 1 Length Butterfly - Year 8 Niamh Burke 16.69
  • 2 Length Backstroke- Year 8 Niamh Burke 38.31
  • Individual Medley - Year 8 Niamh Burke 1.29.69
  • 1 Length Butterfly - Year 9 Kylie Gale 16.88
  • 1 Length Freestyle - Year 10 Gabby Kakahi 14.36
  • 2 Length Freestyle - Year 10 Gabby Kakahi 31.57
  • 4 Length Freestyle - Year 10 Gabby Kakahi 1.13.89

Trapshooting (also known as Clay Target Shooting) is an exciting sport that involves the use of shotguns to shoot flying clay targets in a very safe and controlled environment. Shooters can compete both individually and as a team, from club level right up to competing at the Olympics. Shooters are taught by experienced and trained shooters in all aspects of safe firearm handling and the required skills to become a competitive shooter.

The Trapshooting season takes place from around the beginning of the school year through to approximately the end of September when the National Secondary School Shooting Championships are held. Although, once a member of the Dunedin Clay Target Club you are welcome to shoot any club shoots at Dunedin or any other club in NZ at your leisure. The season will be made up of a series of practices with your school’s assigned coach at a time that suits the coach and shooters, and a number of competitions held over the lower South Island.

All practices will take place at the Dunedin Clay Target Club located just south of Waldronville. A firearms licence is not required to shoot, as all school shooters will be under direct supervision of their coach and other club personnel.

For more information refer to or talk to your Sport Coordinator.

Taieri College Tennis

Taieri College students play at the Taieri Tennis Club and enter Secondary School Tournaments under the Taieri College Banner. Taieri College are the 2018 Otago Mixed Tennis Champions. We competed in the South Island Championships held in Timaru in March 2018.

Taieri Tennis Club

Enquires to Secretary

Secondary schools midweek tennis competition

Runs in term 4 and Term 1 at the Logan Park Tennis Centre in Dunedin

Taieri College Touch

Taieri College has up to 8 teams playing in the Taieri Plains Touch module in Year 7 and 8. From Year 9 onwards we compete against other schools at the Oval in Dunedin. We also send a mixed team to the Otago Championships and in 2018 Taieri College won the Otago Mixed Touch title and qualified to compete at the South Island Secondary Schools Touch championships in Christchurch. Taieri College has got many Otago Representatives at Touch and this year Trey Russell, Thomas Mitchell and Paige Flett represented Otago at the New Zealand Touch Nationals.

Taieri College Volleyball

Volleyball is extremely popular at Taieri College. We have four Year 7 & 8 teams that play mini-volley on a Friday night through the summer. Our teams compete against all secondary schools at the Edgar Centre. We are lucky to have great coaches and our Senior girls team is currently ranked 2nd in Otago and has competed at the New Zealand Nationals in 2017. Our junior girls team are ranked 1st in Otago and regularly competes at South Island Champs.

Taieri College Waterpolo

Term 4 Waterpolo

Year 7 & 8 played Thursday nights at Moana Pool

Year 9 - 13 played Friday nights at Moana Pool